I just read the article here: pirate
s in the Horn of Africa: "Osama bin Laden has his finger in the game" (RP ONLINE, 15.04.

2009) I think to do it themselves here again really easy. It has no explanation where these pirates in this figure suddenly come and looking for ' a scapegoat. And because the CIA is not so very creative, the guy from the Top10 of the most wanted Leute.Meiner op

inion taking to halt, absolute nonsense. Why should someone from a cave in a very hostile mountains in Pakistan, urge someone to capture any ships at the other end of the world? It has nothing more to do but with terror, achieving more man but no big crowds. I say this from my own experience, if the keyword is "Pirates" in the news, my brain directly on the ' is unimportant waiting on new info ' mo

de toggles. As I said I can not imagine that this old man (if he even exists) should have taken it all, I from a safe house somewhere in the Nirgend

wo.Aber like the tactic itself. If me soon any injustice is being done for example If my car breaks down, I'm calling simply quite loudly: "I curse you OBL! I know that you're behind it!":-)

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