As you can read here. The hooks on the thing is that you can block the sites just so, that the usual non savvy user can enter rather than just Since this is converted on a so-called DNS server into an IP, and in the future then redirected to the Internet stop sign. If you know the IP but, coming also directly on this page or There are some other methods to get to those pages. The problem is not really fighting, but simply "hide". It will not be long, then the people who are looking for something be found other ways to get to the content. In my opinion the representative should at the BKA rather be supported and trained, as to introduce a system of Internet censor
ship. Currently still all agree with the prohibition of child pornography sites, but the majority of people does not mind that this creates opportunities to filter other "uncomfortable" content from the Web. So for example you could Pages with certain political setting just sit on this list and therefore get rid of opposition. From my point of view, the possibility is thus created to hide as 1933 political opponents and targeted by the Government to control the flow of information. We all have read where that can lead, in the history books. I
am of the opinion that this woman of the Leyen just for the next election wants to profile. It couldn't be easier Yes also, because if you would ask me on the phone that I'm against child pornography, I would say also "Yes"!

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