Yes his own blog has the Mr Dr. Wiefelspütz. There one could get the idea, he would have made himself ever familiar with the basic concepts of the Internet. Obviously not. Instead he pulls a serious question about his level of knowledge in the Lächerl
iche.Aber by politicians today expected to as ordinary citizens at all nothing more, than that they back up their severance pay and tell only bullshit. This Yes obviously also applies to the Paintballverbotsinitiative. There was only once big scream that you would have to ban this "simulation of killing other people,". Then experts set themselves clearly and eruriert what is paintball really, and have then come to the conviction that they better piss their "loudmouths" in the party again. What's happening now in the context of the so-called "election campaign" could drop a real food from the face.

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