The result of tini's efforts to save what at dinner time you can see in the picture left. The right is Hat a commercially available pizza by Pizza even if it seems overpriced with over 20 dollars. I got fed up anyway. Tini according to their own figures also, although I personally also would have given to, if I would have become not tired of it 😉 definitely we were today on the Makena Beach, a pristine beach with Palm trees almost to the sea. Unfortunately, the current was slightly strong so I have handed over my snorkel the fish. Luckily, I could keep the rest of the equipment. Yesterday at the Internet CafĂ©, we have first read the entire comments and us happy as little kids. And Yes, the cards are on the way. I took the original list, so that no one will forget. Tomorrow it is the road to Hana, how should it be otherwise, to Hana 🙂

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