here what to write. I found just that's already somewhat longer with the last post. Well, last weekend was turbulent. I've locked myself out on Friday itself and had to wait because of your own stupidity 3 1/2 hours in the car for my wife, so that she once again open
up the door I. Now everyone is wondering how it happened probably (usually but not so stupid :-)) is mattes. determine
d Well, I made beautiful comfortable's me on the sofa, with 2 videos and the certainty that my wife not at home shows up before 10: 00. Shortly before the end of the first film, it rang at the door. It was our caretaker, he said: "We have a problem". T
hat one not just quiet and are considering makes is probably everyone to imagine.
In any case he wanted to show me the "problem" and I grabbed the front door key (which itself had stupidly attached with my car keys). I saw that and thought: man, just the right take. W

ell, I went to the door and hurried behind our House master, who showed me the tracks in our garden, water, which came from a torn-down hose was taken (unfortunately straight in basement 2). Still, I had noticed in the afternoon that was on the good hand shower of Gardena, the hose and it bubbled happily. The puddle was not very large, I thought it went not so long. Well,

it's everything under the mulch disappeared, which we had moved a few weeks ago, and go underground in the basement of our House roommate.

When I had processed the chaos then visually, my concentration came back to my key that felt somehow different. No wonder, of course, was because it was yes the Autos

chlüssel.Ich checked the security of our apartment with our caretaker and we have come together to conclude that the security level is more than sufficient well :-), I stood there

now without a mobile phone, without coin purse in T-Shirt and shorts. I was still trying to save my wife with a phone call from your evening event, which unfortunately it failed, that she had turned off your cell phone (because it usually vibrates when someone c

alls ;-)). Because it was also not really warm on Friday, I me then put in my car and waited. You have a lot of time to think in 3 hours in any case. :-

) Luckily I noticed after 2 1/2 hours also, there is a possibility, the car radio even without switched on ignition to the run to bring 😉

ultimately have I survived Yes without prejudice to it and am glad that I was accosted by someone not yet because I were"the houses" 😉

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