So, we have the Jet lag now well under control, it blows us in the early evening as against 19: 00 still from the pines and we could go to sleep right. I usually refuse because I feel otherwise never to get into a 'normal' rhythm. I mean, I never once went to eight in the bed, because I am wide awake Yes at night around 2 and then not know what to do. No, then prefer something torture and sleep through it but nice. 🙂

Above you can see a crater on the slopes of Mauna Kea, by the way. The outbreak was not only the volcano, but on its slopes some smaller crater. Behind it are really clouds to see, even if one has seen that site with my own eyes, seems this sight HES kinda surreal. Sure, one has seen clouds from above, however, it is then usually with more than 800 km/h in an aluminium case with wings on the way ;
-) but if you stand just so on a "mountain" and is located above the clouds, that is another story completely clear again. By the way, was the way back to the bus (approx. 30 m the slope upward) really tiring because the air is there up pretty thin. We have hackled in any case, as the dogs, tini and I 😉

the image by the way is still completely unedited, because I still was not. But I find it also works so very well ;-

) by the way worth a look at Rolf sometimes and Heidi blog the two have it Oahu looked at some things, we had indeed planned, but had to cancel due to the problematic arrival.

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