Here in the picture, you can see Pa

hoehoe: Wikipedia says:

Pahoehoe lava (pāhoehoe, from the Polynesian) is a very thin (so low viscous), about 1100 to 1200 ° C hot, gas-poor and basic magma produced lava.

The very hot lava flows under a horizontal solidifying crust then that constantly raises in lava back or slipping apart and leaves lava pillow.

The surface is quite smooth as opposed to the AA lava. The lava blanket can be up to 50 cm thick.

This is in the background behind us A'a oddly we are but on Pahoehoe. Pretty rough stuff, what may be one of the reasons pretty sharp why people A'a name have taken over the outcry was probably, if someone there injured has 🙂

Also, there's a Wikipedia article:

AA lava (ʻAʻā) or lava of chunks of is the zähflüssigste form of the various types of the lava. The name comes from the Polynesian-speaking area.

During the solidification of the melt flow, breaking the crust and leaves a surface that is riddled with sharp-edged, irregularly shaped lumps and floes.

The AA lava flows more slowly compared to the Pahoehoe lava and is cool; often, it is located in the lower part of low-viscosity lava flows because due to outgassing and cooling increases the toughness. At the end of the current forms a steep front.

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