… Yes once again was joking tinkering with the graphics card. First of all, a pretty impressive packaging: nice

to know that I am now also citizens of the 'Republic of the players' (see top left) 😉 after

unpacking then quickly yet direct comparison old (below) against newly (above):

a detail directly in the eye jumps the experienced observer: dat new thingy is much longer than the "old

"… Well, "space is the smallest hut" they say so. For me that the disk was (seen in the next picture below right into the bays, if anyone's interested) a floor lower put both. Luckily I bought sometime a "Screwless" housing, otherwise the Frickellei would have taken that much longer. The end
result looks like this: as you

can see, the new card straight into the housing fits. If more had now only one hard drive, it would definitely no longer fit. A SLI Association of 2 graphics cards, I can say goodbye so ever. Until now, only the Finance Minister of the blocker was playing now even my PC case against me. :-

(Definitely again 1 1/2 hours time get, otherwise nix having to do 😉

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