Today we have (I) extracting the last gift of our wedding. Unpack the well is probably a bit wrong expressed. After approx. I came to the conclusion 30 minutes brave sawing in various places may look to use the head. No, my wooden head is not harder than the wooden block, I'm an engineer after all. :-

)Also a few "surgical" cuts with the saw, then a few targeted lever maneuvers with a hammer and screwdriver and a handsome wedge from the top piece of the Hlozklötze was removed. If you look closely on the following screen, you can even see where the valuable content is: there is t

he "lever" and "carving technique with a hammer and screwdriver had proven, I made only once so and it turned then after approx." 15 min. the followin

g picture: what makes me come back on "surgery": I see, have not the delicate hands of a surgeon but had to suddenly think of the scene in "The neverending story", as the catfish to the little boy says: "You see these big, strong hands?" (little insider for the people, which I have these logs to owe did ;-)). Well anyw

ay, I didn't approach so still on the innermost and have improved my hammer-carving technique more time 🙂

then it was done, the content was out and Matt injured but happy:

so the debris field looked then: and I

was looking forward still, 2 tickets for the mattes, as my wife then told me that everything by 2 must be reported after the wedding. I'm just wondering why that not to work counts, that I had with this gift. :-

) Definitely have I denied today the fitness studio me and would like to thank this way even when the giver. On the Internet you should call yes no name, so I do it better not. You know who is meant. ;-

) Thank you in any case!

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