Once the link from Schmali's blog followed and have determined my own inner impeller:

Your inner impeller Your points
Was perfect! 35 points
Be quick! 29 points
Do it all right! 40 points
I say you! 30 points
Be strong! 37 points

I find it interesting, especially if you look at, what to say about these points

: "«when friends the value of an impeller» 40 «exceeds, may be accepted with great probability that this impeller significantly influences your behavior"natural and totally unconscious"and determined."

Was perfect! Disadvantage: No 80/20, 100% design, exceeded the Zie
leVorteil: helps for activities, the care and accuracy require competence and perfectionism
Be quick! Disadvantage: give little time, none are under time pressure, often social Ko
ntakteVorteil: things to get done very quickly, rapidly make decisions
Do it all right! Disadvantage: not say no, no limitations, like to exploit, your own needs include nichtVortei
l: popular, social competence is well received,
I say you! Disadvantage: not too much of the GutenVorteil be satisfied if it is slightly Verbeissen, muc
h Streß,:?
Be strong! Disadvantage: Hubris, comes itself too short, show no weakness, heroism to each Pre
isVorteil: Gets often responsible activities

Who wants to test that for yourself can do that here. Bottom line for me is in any case: I should say maybe from time to time again "no". 😉

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