Or in other words: we are building a "nest" i

s played in a nursery ;-), so the prospective Dad has even brought out the big camera and played a little. Better you can not appreciate the result in my opinion.
Thanks in any case to Schwiegerpapa and trouble with the sister-in-law 😉 I find-mama for the support and the "surprise" on which I here prefer not to get for reasons of self-protection, otherwise t

here is the result can be seen as the two "MII's" indicate, there were new curtain rods and a multi color painting including border as a separation. High-tech at its best so. I hope the little rascals learns quickly to see and articulate, a 'thank you' would already be appropriate * gr

ins *. Fine the short in any case, as far as one can tell from the outside. But who proposes to Salto, yes actually not bad I'm the. 😉

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