8795.htmlDer geologist Salomon Kroonenberg says that the climate does not change about man-made CO2, but because as all other more complex processes behind it. Is basically taken also my mind there was always hot and cold phases in the history of the Earth. And the warming of the Earth will not stop only to turn, the carbon dioxide pointer, this screw is simply too small. Of course, it is still useful for regenerative energies, etc. to conduct research and also CO2 emissions from emerging giant Nations such as China and India to control or limit. With the current knowledge, it is not necessary, Yes, that these countries making the same mistakes, as here in the Western countries at times of Indus
trialisierung.Was is really rude, is the fact that the policy the global warming as a reason for higher taxes, etc. used. That is this money I believe absolutely in order, to times usually also still invested in completely different topics are considered in the research and building environmentally friendly equipment for the E
nergiegewinnung.Ich find it good that here a scientist sometimes shows the other side of the coin and not even in the panic in the Earth warming notch skin anyway. It is also always the problem with environmental organizations, that make attention to problems, but, what is also important, but overshoot in many areas simply total over the target. As a result relatively quickly, that they no longer be taken seriously, what do of course also claims that are neither assignable nor refutable.

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