As the work day starts really great:

I find it a very nice touch of employer to employee motivation. Even if I must prepare myself already on the discussions with my sister-in-law for Christmas. There are determined again fall as arguments: If you anyway ' get a calendar, can tini and I share your Yes 😉

I say only: I don't care! If necessary I'll buy me the calendar myself, the economic crisis is so bad Yes nor

not 🙂 anyway is also frightening to see that I now only 8 chocolate pieces from my 31. Birthday am away. How time flies. I'm curious about, as it is only with child. Since the accelerated probably more, say to warp speed so. :-

) Next weekend we will get our Christmas tree but for now so that it will be at home too little Christmas. The temperatures go now also in the direction of autumn/winter, would be too disgusting: mulled wine at 20 ° C 😉

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