… Christmas survived, at least eat technically (which was difficult with all the tasty dishes). Our Christmas tree at home has its best time now behind him and probably will no longer experience new year's Eve. We still just wait whether perhaps a different neighbor has disposed of his tree, so that we know where we have to throw our ;

-) our Kid has seen now also his first Christmas, still by MOM's abdominal wall, but if you correctly interprets his kicking, it was fun probably him. As I previously have come not here the pictures of the last inspection:

On the right picture you can see that the measurement of the foot showed a length of less than 6 cm.  This makes when normal growth taken at probably 😉 shoe size 60
How to can be seen in the picture, has the little rascals probably what against the shooting. He has the whole time on his arm before the face anyway, so again no 3d image could be made. On the other hand is definitely a surprise, looks like him because then "live". The profile can be seen after all already. 🙂
The muscled upper arms are striking, he has probably the Papa (just kidding) 😉
In any case, he is alive and well and this is probably the most important. 
We wait's for Christmas now still longing on the furniture of the nursery, because already the first romper and bodies, etc. were, and we have barely more space in the closet. Well, you notice so more clearly than ever that is here a small guest for a long time billeted 🙂
We are looking forward to it. Let's see whether he then also notably imagines, hehe 😉

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