So, now the space is prepared for our permanent guest from March. Pain (even though the soreness came later) and we have assembled the children's furniture in the sweat of our brow. On
e thing is clear to me: run learns little of Mama's hand, I come with my back not more painlessly down ;-

) here a small impression for the curious among you:

Baby changing table
Children bed
And for those who were already here, also can imagine, how it is so:
Despite the pain today, yesterday definitely again fun did again what to "create". I think for tini and I, the 'project' is still something "tangible" 😉 offspring with this step
By the colour, I can only say that Tala has done once again all the work, all super fits to each other. Am proud of her, because men now times have ever known to be nix on the hat with decoration and colors. We complement each other simply just super good 😉

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