Yesterday we have brought successfully soooo, the last official date before birth behind us. We were in the RoomtoCook and it was delicious seafood risotto. For pregnant women, there was mushroom risotto, but the basis for dessert is as
Yes on both right ;-), there was still a coffee Créme Bruleè, from which I could make even a photo (the risotto was so tasty that the Mitchell almost "has inhaled the portion", there's no camera coming so qui
ckly behind 😉 No, nonsense, I was just so busy with my own risotto , that I have forgotten to photograph smooth. S

o yes here tini with the Créme Bruleè in the foreground, and our chef in the background:

Obviously it tasted delicious and tini would like to thank at this point with her mother-in-law and her partner quite fond for the birthday present. In any case, we had a lot of fun and a very nice evening with friends.
The seafood were Kalamarietuben mussels and prawns by the way (I call them even Kalamarinasen ;-)). Fortunately, I have obviously no allergies to seafood. Because I've never eaten something and therefore did not know whether I respond to the "stuff", the night was doubly exciting. 
Of course I asked directly time, what causes these allergies in most cases because, and interestingly it is the many protein, what is included in the seafood, with which many people have then so their difficulties.
As I said, it was all in all a very instructive and entertaining evening 😉
Because I had "Dispatcher" yesterday, I got a bottle of "Cold pussy" taken with at home, for there tonight when she's properly through cooled:
I'm curious about how it tastes. I know the ingredients itself, but the combination was totally new to me. The idea to mix red wine and Coke, I would not have in life. Well, I'll report how it on the tongue feels 😉

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