After dad his "big" car since last year through the area can move, got his ride now also our young:

He can get now so directly from the cosy bed in the "sedan".  The list of things that we need now is noticeably less lucky. The pushchair was still one of the grö0eren points on this list. 🙂
Now we need to look where the label "Sponsored by Grandma and Grandpa" on it just yet. 😉
Thank you in any case ever at this point. 🙂
Now here we go really slowly, although too early the meltdown would be straight here at work, since the short must wait yet a little, although he does dancing already properly lately as it looks 😉
On Friday we look then again via ultrasound, whether it okay and how he is. Then Talib can arrange better maybe a little, which so distort its belly body parts of our son of 😉

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