So, now we have the first 2 weeks behind us, the birth it still me, like it was yesterday, but it's like with Timo as I know him for a small eternity. We have a wide range of times behind us, days and nights where our son of the opinion was, in a clean, freshly laid diaper you could do much better than its business. That he thereby sometimes not even waiting the new diaper was sitting again, yes of course. We praise our dryer daily 😉 th
e record is 6 towels in one night, we just use it as a base and water searches are going its way 😉 h

ere even a few images from our "racker":

With the tini baby memory hairstyle:

Sometimes a picture of mother and son (because there were already complaints ;-)):

And one more thing, because it is so beautiful (my personal favorite):

And our first "family picture":

Timo at the "Bäucherchen" make (in a sleeping bag he looks more like Yoda):

"Much to learn you've got, young Jedi!" 😉 Or a little but quote from Star Wars: "Timo, I am your father." ;-)un

d here are a few pictures by Timo's and tini's favourite pastime:

Well they sleep just like. Power of Dad too, only can the day just not reading 😉

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