We have today our first cache 'removed'. Sounds weird, but so. Ac

tually 😉 is the colloquial language of geocachers. Geocaching is the scavenger hunt today with the latest technology, if one just takes it. It comes, small "treasures", to find the so-called cache. To enter the coordinates into a GPS device, which then brings in the surrounding area (the precision of commercial GPS devices is in the range of bday). It arrived there then "open eyes" and search for the caches are usually well hidden, so that they are not Muggles (non-geocachers, E.g.) Hikers or walkers) are found. Who cares more for it can even pass surf at Geocaching.de and is read in the matter.

 Tini has as good Sleuth proved themselves after I had brought them into the target area with my BlackBerry storm, and ultimately, an old photo box, found the cache in this case. All in all enjoyed it anyway, and I think this kind of walk I can get used to me 😉

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