Today he slept all day. Well, let's see what tomorrow says tini, as the night was. Who "Racker" wants to have a closer look at our can click here on it: http://ww

will work now times chronologically the events of the last day (11.3.10): appr

ox. 14: 00:-

tini is at the normal retirement date for the obstetricians and gynecologists and has the first painful Weh

eca. 16: 00

:-tini ended a telephone conversation and noticed in the next hour, that the contractions every 7 minu

tes kommen17: 22 (here it is more accurate, because the dad

in the game comes ;-)) – tini informed me that at home on both we agree it since an hour at one minute interval is 7, followed by the funny comment that she wan

t to c

ause just don't panic 😉
17:38 – hitting Matt us on , to wait until the contractions every 5 minute

s kom

men18: 55-Matt informed by phone the delivery room, that he is with his wife so slowly on the way m


19: 15-arrival in the delivery room (the contractions are every 5 minutes and the 3rd 127 woe at the CTG during the preliminary investigation to the value, in the diagram, t

he bo

rder goes only up to 100 ;-)) 2


tini is stationary aufgenommen20: 40 we enter the patient'

s roo

m and the amniotic sac platz


45-we are back in the K


saal20 : 55-tini "orders" a PDA21: 00 passes the day shift to the night shift what

the P

DA come any faster (can) 22:20 sitting PDA (seems according to tini's stat


ts do not alleviate the pain) 22:35 the midwife increases the dose of the PDA again, because tini still say

s th

at it ist22 become not better: 55 the midwife proposes once again to call the anaesthetist , decides but before even making a check, it finds that the cervix is completely gone to her amazement and says to us that the birth date so that is probably pretty firmly. 23:


ter strong 5 contractions is the small Timo on the world, father bravely cut the umbilical cord and the MOM takes the short beaming with joy into the arm.


8 which look Papa is also still brave the afterbirth, then spontaneously decided, not under any tree to bury 😉 the rest

of the night was peppered with a long cuddle and short sleep 😉

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