…. We wish all inclined readers of this blog. Especially our son sends in his charming way Easter greetings:

It good in general right, even if we always still have grown accustomed it, with breaks at night to sleep (the total sleep time was actually more than enough).

Our son has been his favorite sleeping position found definitely, as one can see on the picture above. It works by the way MOM and dad 😉

The "rear" section looks then. I could so definitely not here to sl

eep 🙂 a "nose"comparison:

Where mine is on the left hand side * grins *.

All in all but a very dear child, what now also already beautiful out look in the area. The average pampers consumption is approximately What is probably only slightly above the average 12 per day, and which is owed, that our child makes most in newly drawn diapers 😉

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