Yesterday we were in the third investigation after the birth of Timo. There, he was found, measured and weighed (now 57, 5 cm and 5130 g hard) for "healthy". The doctor was the opinion our child would be one of those who would demand their food very vigorously. Research has shown, that this is probably genetic 😉 we
ekend Timo had a growth spurt, again which will in most cases cause that he just scream is, and not a position in which you hold him, I like him. Well, luckily it was only reading one of the shorter periods from 2 days, in the literature, that the next most definitel

y be longer. Somehow this blog turns more to Timo now as to me and I had already considered him Cels, but because Timo is Yes more than decisive part of my life, Schade fits that nam

ed already ;-), that the 4 weeks parental leave for me tomorrow again go to end, but yes no use, one must take so the bread home. I am a bit Yes once again to me edit topics related not only to "Child". But the daily "cosy hours" are probably missed with Timo.

Here again are some impressions from our rascals:

And Yes, he can also shout:

Special thanks to "Uncle Totti":

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