…bevor get it to work. 😉

The weekend we had to visit Grandma, Grandpa, and Timo's Auntie. The Saturday was used for a hearty BBQ with self-marinated meats and delicious baguette ;

-) because there have been some complaints, that I here long no longer upload, here are some pictures:

Timo's latest achievement is the Manduca, until now he has can get used to but still not really off, so he has taken place as a whole probably only 4 times in. But I think it will be if he can keep his head then even:

Last weekend Timo was future Playmate Anton to visit here a direct size comparison:

To do this you must also say Timo looks while smaller, the volume test but definitely has that day won 😉

So quiet like on the picture above, we see Timo now becoming less and less. He's just been a small world Discoverer 😉

It definitely gives us now only have three:

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