Our daily routine looks like this at the moment:

After a relatively good night now Timo requires us Timo in particularly good nights 1 x in less good nights 3 x which makes milk bar 6: 00 awake. Then there's breakfast for him again, and if we are three, Matt snuggles with Timo (up to maximum 8 clock), while I give me a large shower.

Then it says move on the changing table and now I have the feeling that every night more a Bacon fold comes to!

When the weather is then out with the baby carriage and da Timo schnuffelt for the first time proper

ly away. At home by the way time and again the butterfly adored by the mobile or the mattes together explored the apartment.

Achja-the digestive system works great! There I was pleased genuine animal that we are pampers tester for the next 2 weeks. Even though I have a suspicion, that the not 2 weeks r
ich 🙂 otherwise I suspect that fists must be a real delicacy. 4 finger to fit in any case in the mouth of the thumb comes quite sure even!

 Mostly Timo starts at 21:30 h, counting the sheep so we already had some football evenings in front of the TV. I'm also really glad drum otherwise we are still up to 13.06. trained!

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