Today I'll reclaim me slowly my blog, Timo has been Yes almost completely the under the nail 😉 t

itled Google Streetview, I read just an interesting blog entry (see "the man with the camera"), which quite clearly shows, many people in Germany are as paranoid, if it's theme Google Streetview goes. If that still does not know someone, that is the application in Google maps with which you can stroll virtually whole streets
along. To enable Google moving cars around, which one is installed 360° camera and makes all few meters pictures of the surrounding area. Many people now believe that this gate and door open for potential burglars. In my opinion, is that what you see on street view nothing more than the normal perspective each stroller also has (usually even less, because roads are Yes something deeper than E.g.) Sidewalks).

The theme is beautifully represented well in the above mentioned article, I can even imagine that this conversation has taken place several times in Germany 😉

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