What to hanebüchenen excesses of alleged privacy here drives in Germany, always amazes me. Earlier this week, Google has announced that they want to start until the end of the year StreetView. If you don't want showing his house there, can download a form and appeal. So fa

r, so good. Where I also here already do not understand why one should be a facade of houses from the point of view of a pedestrian to appear on the Internet about it, but anyway. ;-

) If but now people who have obviously no idea what it's about, photographed in the newspaper in front of her house and mention by name under the picture (by the way, with first and last name) to show definitely the opposition make use, so that her house in Streetview is shown, then nothing more occurs to me to do so. Well except the saying: when I'm old, I even maduri out, that is a Spaß.Klingt totally

crazy and illogical to do such a thing? Can you believe that there is something like that? Well, then look here. T

here are now even opposition against the opposition on the Internet. If you live in an apartment building and others have filled the contradiction, you can make then sure that this is taken back 😉 The request here 😉

there when dealing with such a bullshit people in Germany, one wonders already where that will lead. Are that the effects of many years of commercial television? Or less of IQ of society simply due to the evolution in free fall?

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