There similarities? Act
ually I schrupp now really countless kilometers with Timo in a baby carriage on the day. But it was somehow not always his favourite place in HBS. There was just the sling. Irgendwan

nUnser small family holiday in Halberstadt was really nice. Not only, that our backs were relieved because found himself strangely whenever someone of Timo umher has geschuckel

t 🙂 hardly had we arrived when Matt godmother, as Timo said now would be a good time for "Big Business". Well, and Ute had a whole wash load after that. Timo has not bothered:-D
Das Baden was then in a much grĂĽĂźeren bath with Matt together acquired

. Timo is now alone (more or less often) turns on the belly and wrapping is always exciting. By because it takes less time, as the kids get older! L

ast week the Granny was there then and now Matt is back working. Herrje-as fast but 2 Wohen there are. But in three weeks has he again an extended weekend * fre

u * Dino favorite toy teethers or about what he can chew out and I are at the moment really! Dribbled is also neat and soon it's likely to brush teeth… This week's

routine again, we will meet again with the kids of the baby group, because we have just vacation and go to baby swimming. http:/


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