After the last announcement, there was direct discussion with my co-author, what can post them now here, and what is not. Because I have every confidence that she may of course continue to Timo's post pics here. Exactly what I meant in my previous article, here is not about the complete conversion of the blog, but only roughly the direction should be corrected slightly. :-

) But back to the topic "be Papa

"… One is father relatively quickly, how one can look at relevant pages or Wikipedia read ;-) what one

but before the birth, no one says that it is sometimes not so easy, that to handle the whole thing. For me, it has taken good 3 days until I really realized what happened. Immediately after birth, you stand under power so, that it is indeed dead tired, but can not fall asleep. Then (at least for me), this lack of sleep leads to increased emotionality. Specifically, this means that I could hold Timo in the first 2 days after birth on the arm, without that for several minutes the tears of joy are run

down. Even worse is the change of perception of messages where children are concerned. While reading the articles in the newspapers, but you can can just grasp it, like people being able to hurt defenseless children. Earlier they also told that something is bad and terrible, now imagine each message, that that would happen to the own child. How crass

, this change is real, showing for example that we have let us type with the North German registry of bone marrow. Although we have thought about it for years, this step was done until now by us after the birth of our own child. So

here now but still a few photos of our bundle of joy:

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