On Friday, the charger for my camera finally arrived in the mail, because I had forgotten that in Halberstadt. Thank you very much for the forward, it came just in time for the weeke

nd! This weekend we were with friends in the CenterParc in Holland and thanks to the good weather throughout the day outside. We were of course also Baden, mattes as bubbles man came fully on the cost and Timo had a lots of Spaß.

Beim in a baby carriage Timo prefer by the way everything is looking… Since 2 w

eeks there is now noon carrot mash (now also with potatoes and all 2 days chicken), the Timo times more times less like. In any case I discovered even disposable bibs at DM 🙂 I'm glad that it is still reasonably warm, otherwise I Timo would change real every complete the clothes after the predator feeding. It is only the body. See for yours

elf: http://www.youtube.com/get_playe

rAm 11.08. came through the first teeth, and this weekend the second next to it. I've tried to photograph, but I better get it. Now enjo

y we a day off tomorrow to third Matt bakes even extra * freu * and Thursday will come visit.

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