Well, Yes, so fundamentally nothing will definitely change soon. Nevertheless I intend to move the blog to present here more and more instead of Timo thematically more in the direction of bein

g a dad. Considering I have, after I on the net on some other pages such as encountered the Daddy blog, or Vatertage.NET. Write here other fathers, what they experience, so with the young, give tips to the facilities and so

on. Of course the pictures by Timo are there are also continue to, but the mere presentation would be something at some point for non – family members of boring, that I want to prevent in any

case. Now then, what can you recommend as freshly baked dad (well not quite so fresh after all already 6 months "

old") so? Basically I think and that confirmed, if you read other blogs: as a parent, you should always calm and remaining "relaxed", because that is really passed on to the child. Sounds totally "precocious" and not really understandable, but it

is really so. During pregnancy, (n) again all his hobbies should have, is that after the birth once done (what, by the way is why I only write a longer article again after such a long time). And you don't really miss the hobbies but it should compel to come, slowly back to the usual 'everyday' because otherwise determined at some point really only had the Kin

d.Ich know I'll regret it tomorrow late to write, believe me, but that I now just take in stride. At the time, I struggle so to reconcile work and family really under a hat. Really other activities along the route are not easy and very fast. But as I said, you should start the process again in an "orderly" life to return, which does not mean that it is no time for it should take child at some po

int. On the contrary, when I get home after work, I am on it with Timo fooling around me and to play. Even if it still is that you either what must play him, or him when the play is watching. :-

) To return again to the time of pregnancy: a look in the literature, which subsided to the expectant mother, hurt never. After all, it is better if two people remember something, because in times of sleep deprivation, one can remember this, the other thing. :-

)Und slows down your wife/girlfriend before the Internet! Is actually something stupid to write a blog, but if one searches on Google after all the complications that can occur, you always what finds. And that makes no better before the panic. This is true also for the time after the birth, second what look, what could have the child usually leads to the egregious diagnoses. Because books and the coverlet – help or Pekip Group significantly more.

So, that should it once have been on the subject, I'll try to write more regularly and to make the text shorter 😉

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