So, now it has us or Timo caught the first time. He caught a mild angina. As parents concerned is of course directly. It be a thought through my head, such as "He is with me caught it?", "were the things that he is now interested in the mouth not clean enough?".
All in all, though one must say that 6 months after birth, it is a long time, that Timo was healthy. It has other children since much earlier 'caught', that I felt sorry for already one, but you couldn't really understand it.
It's different now, you can talk about the worries and thoughts that go one through the head. How one with suffers whatever a piece as an adult.

Luckily it's nothing serious but and the doc thinks that Timo should be correctly fit in 2 days. In angina, which I had for my last birthday, that was anything else, that took over a week for it again, and it was for the most part also the penicillin. ;-
Somehow going through worse diseases but also in thoughts, at least I was so. And I did remind me that there is also a children's palliative Centre, which is supported by the Vodafone Foundation. There I gave already, before Timo has come to the world. I had mentioned in another post that a child, the angle of view on the world changes completely. That happened to me on this page. I imagined how it would be, that your own child as it is so small to accompany on the last trip. To experience something, you not even want his worst enemy. Compassion has me overwhelmed so with those affected at the moment, that I had the tremendous urge to help, even if it was only a small part somehow. You can pay conveniently online or even donations, via the mobile phone bill, what still confirmed my decisi

on. As I said, you think but totally different, if one is "affected", at least in the form that you can better understand how i

t could be. I think many of you who read this, can understand quite well it how it feels. I must also say that I not permanently make me these thoughts, not this one thinks someone I'm just before a moderate depression 😉

There I stand aware this reasoning only sometimes quiet moments in which let to have me in mind, how much happiness we already had up here. The little things of everyday life together with Timo so significantly more fun because you classifies the value differently

. And when I see him like this, I can hardly believe my luck:

By the way, edited the same recording series, but 2 seconds:

Which is cooler? 😉

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