No, no you alright. You're already on the right side. Only I have pulled the announced change of layout, but slightly more consistent. Has on the right side always bothered me, that the widgets (E.g. the shoutbox etc.) each other and one is always forever to scroll. I've now changed it where I have posted the tools of the right and left of the post

s. So, what else is there to tell. Well, now when I got home, I stopped but smooth another child for his dad. OK, we live in the same House, but actually we have 😉 so no resemblance)

seemingly looking at's me now probably but so slow, that I am dad. I thought that lasts longer. :-

) We are dealing so slow even with the purchase of a highchair, honestly I can still not really deep in work me, but we agree that we should begin slowly, because if Timo can sit for the first time, then is probably late only to find it and then to buy. If you have tips

, can post like times below that in the comments, we are thus still totally inexperienced. Is for us only that we want to have no high chair made of plastic, but made of wood. Why white I no longer even, but we weren't us I even really quickly a

gree 😉 was also already a couple of times for baby swimming and have to say before I always thought: "NA toll, to grind the defenseless children through the water and maybe
even dive…" now I think so it makes me even more fun times to take a bath , because you Timo this look at how much fun he has. And so a large "bathtub" not everyone has Yes now even home ;-))

Well, then, I would be happy also, if you say what to design. With the colors I'm not quite sure, but I like the layout of the page actually quite well.

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