This weekend we did it, we bought our junior a high chair. The following article describes our thinking, which is why we ended up with this product. Chapter 1 –

various BauweisenMan is probably

fundamentally different whether a children's Chair should be used only as a high chair, or whether he is "growing". The advantages of the latter are obvious: the child can sit longer in the Chair. Chap

ter 2 – various MaterialienAus o

f our point of view there is only the choice of metal with a high proportion of plastic elements and chairs made of wood. Optically chairs made of wood have fallen from the outset the best us. When we then asked and found out that the "prima Papa" for example only up to 15 kilograms can be used, these chairs directly from our search pattern fall, Timo brings almost 10 kg on the scale now with 7 1/2 months. An

exception for the, I call them times "Plastic chairs", was the Brevi Slex, which always very futuristic looks on all images. As we but have looked at the site, he is by far not more so high quality looked like on the illustrations in the catalogue. Thus, 'Wood' was great again in the

Rennen.Kapitel 3 – the agony

of WahlAuch if we have already significantly narrowed our selection, yet countless chairs were left. I'm glad that tini is already some time ago the Stiftung Warentest test report downloaded has what reduced the selection again, because we looked then really only by the top companies. In the test, including the stability and child were tested. And then it a

ll started already: child packed up and went after perky the baby market. Imp
ortant is that you take the child when purchasing a high chair to try out the chairs. This we have seen namely, getting Timo not in the TrippTrapp Stokke into, because the new born insert is very tight, what is actually an advantage, because the children are then very just sitting. Unfortunately, Timo is genetic, by the round belly very hard in and out of the Stuhl.Unsere choice

fell Geuther, we have received significantly reduced thanks to the tips of the seller in the baby market, directly in the Babyoutlet ultimately on the "swing" of the company. T

he two packages (you have to buy separately the attached table), looked like this:

Out of the box, then the following picture emerged:

The guide appears at first sight somewhat Spartan, but to work well after that. Is the second look, I then also some steps become clear 😉 mos

t definitely to build only one side:

And then screw on the second page:

Then, the seat is secured:

Lastly, the child is taken to the measurements for the footrest and it be just pulled the pad:

Get rea

dy! Now you're probably curious to see how Timo sits in it, or? So it looks like:

Because our dwarf can sit still not alone, he is currently only for the exact duration of meals in the Chair, it looks so that it won't be long now until he can sit.

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