So, my co author has uploaded Yes already busy pictures from our short vacation in southern Germany, and now I'll try to take the leave in writing together in short concise sentences. So it is not too boring and everyone until the end reads, can I cancel a video here and a survey on 😉 all started

last Friday after we had stowed all the things in the car, with a ride in the direction of Lake Constance. Once again turned out, that it was nevertheless useful to have bought the car in this size you don't think what one carries everything with, if you are traveling with a

n infant. Maybe we are simply just too convenient and take with our standard of living, I can not really tell as interested parties. Maybe an outsider even manifests itself if we overdo it with the stuff that we take with us, or not. We

ll ;-), 1 1/2 hours on the motorway (just second behind Cologne), Timo volunteered with infernalem shouting. He had probably scared to because he wasn't there woke up, where he had fallen asleep and was probably also a little hunger. We are so short hand in the next parking lot. in addition, non-illuminated and without toilet etc. was and Timo has ' taken a regular drink from MOM's breast.

I forward just thought: "well if so here we go, then that are still funny 5 hour drive…". It came but
other than expected, "Junior" slept there until we were nearing Lake Constance seelig. There he floundered getting even a little and I heard always a whispered: "we should take the next opportunity to stop, he will slowly restless" forward pass from the font.

Timo has calmed down but constantly and is woken up in the underground car park of Uncle and Auntie. We have already anticipated the worst roar, but also in the ways our son we were surprised again: he was qietschvergnĂŒgt and has only once wild smiled to himself (I think the short-term increase in the brightness in the apartment that explains ;

-)). We then spent the next few days with walking and child be 🙂 joke Former we have Timo's uncle and aunt with Geocaching "fixed to" together we tried to lift 3 caches, however that we succeeded in really only one case. For this, the prospect was worth there but

. We have brought the 3 1/2 hours drive from Lake Constance to the Chiemsee then relax behind us. There, we have found that Timo prefer feeds in society:

What I still forgot: the second night on Lake Constance Timo got so much cold, that he got no air at night through the nose. As a result, he to turned after a few seconds the sleep on the "mouth-breathing", was doing but awake and the whole House together screaming. We are there to the pediatrician and let give us appropriate tips and medicine

. Am Chiemsee, it was only a little better, but then again worse, so we went there again to the pediatrician. Also there was that fortunately neither ears nor the lungs got something and the cold is really "just" a nuisance found again. Each time we were told that but when we are back home and it would not be better, we should again go to our doctor. What we today then also did, because last night was bad again. Well, i

n Rosenheim we have clamped then Uncle Totti as a babysitter while eating, what was not so wrong Timo:

And when we were back, there was a suitable body for Timo (the size of both of the print) at Tchibo actually:

We have all in all so far a lot of fun on our first vacation. Even the shopping is fun now, because our rascals increasingly mutated into the "world discoverer":

The trip from Lake Chiemsee to Neuss was relatively unspectacular and feeling pretty relaxed up to a critical situation. Back at home (against 22), Timo slept still deeply and firmly in his baby seat (at least since 19:30). Because we have assumed that he Yes right would wake up because he is otherwise always awakened once to turn it on the ground, we have decided to wait until he of is alone awake. It's not just easily drive after good 8 hours and our son slept seelig is out until 23:30. At that time we decided then, "gently" to wake him up because we wanted yes even in bed, with the prospect of 6:30 to be ;-)und now awakened

to the announced video… Tim

o has begun to "babbling" on vacation and guess what is his first word… The survey to do so can be found on the left side. Here a video, which will help you unfortunately I can't turn it produced by the format:

So, that's it for it first from the holiday. Tomorrow and then have weekends and the holiday is over. Sorry, but the next coming soon. 😉

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