And I'm glad that I could intensively use this time with Timo. We have experienced and been through so much in the week. Two relaxing car rides home (after all, each 420 km), with schlafendem Ki
nd.Dann Timo was again ill, was fit but quite quickly again and got the next tooth. In the almost daily monitoring after this discovery, we noticed at some point in the course of the week, that also the teeth next to the incisors are surprisingly f

ar. Timo, we were buying a high chair, and he works for me there in there suddenly somehow much "older" than befo

re. Forward robben has learned our little during this holiday and refined his technique every day. It is also no longer far to crawling. These cracks to really let the heart a and bounce down. Other

things, however, make one then again something thoughtful or melancholic, because you know that these moments in the form of never come. Timo is namely so slowly being weaned. During the day he gets the bottle completely and at night he ceases even more convenience. The sight of mother and son in such very intimate and quiet moments had something for themselves and will not come back as stated in the

form. And suddenly you think: I took enough pictures of it? I don't know, but it must be said also that a constantly around knipsender Dad while breastfeeding is pretty out of place is. ;-

) By and large I am but as has already been mentioned very glad, that these developments have fallen again during my holiday. I would have been annoyed me if I had "missed it". Here

again compared to Timo without high chair:

and now with high chair:

So it looks, if you can save himself from the… child just to the couch:

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