Weird title, I know. In some regions of the Internet, you must accept directly after the publication of such title, tons of comments that all say: "No don't go!", without it knowing what or Whither 😉 I w

rite this today because I'm going tomorrow for 4 days in Hamburg. Evening today with Timo a gentlemen's evening was again very nice stop. It is noticed, that I here the last time had written what a week ago. Did I not eventually announced more often to write what? Hmm, Yes, I think there

was time 😉 well, anyway, I'm not even gone, I have even a little longing after the short. Is after all the first time since his birth, I don't see him longer. And that where he has welcomed me today so beaming with joy and came even to me to gerobbt (he mind you even at the Mama making ;-

)). Definitely we were then at the baby swimming and in the evening we have explored the basement still together because I had to get even my suitcase

from same high. A bit excited I am, as my body on missing musical toys, stuffed animals and vials will react. Maybe I should take as a precaution a game clock to sleep me

😉 I'll see that I'm on the road a little blog. Definitely, my flight etc should here on the right hand side on Twitter be seen. Then I can think of the annoying "I arrived well" save message 🙂

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