This week we're trying to change our cover for the pram because the zipper is broken already. We thought that everything would be fine, because we had purchased the bag in a baby shop, that advertises with customer friendl
iness. Well, the student also told us that there would be no problem, she should just send the bag. Our question whether we then simply could choose a different cover was "no" answered directly with. Howe
ver, there is also no bond bags in the business, they would then be requested from the manufacturer (delivery time 5-6 days). Well,

as we stood in now with our child, without cover approx. I've left to 2 ° C

Außentemperatur.Die negotiations Fortunately my wife and there is probably a basic instinct for mothers, be sure to protect your puppy. It was a discussion about customer satisfaction, customer service, and possible solutions. Since there was no consensus with the Lady, was once asked about

the boss. We have however never see that, because the student suddenly returned and said the manufacturer has changed its targets for this year and all defective parts directly in the bin should be thrown and we should now choose a new foot

muff. So for me that looked somehow then, that had no go for further discussions. For which manufacturer can return all defective products supposedly in a year and repair (reportedly up to 2 times) and next year's is called "all throw away and we repl

ace"? Well, Timo is pleased with a new yet higher quality cover as you can see:

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