Well really the title is wrong, am not entirely alone here, are still a few colleagues have come. So here a small trip report from Hamburg.Der

was flight short but visually very appealing, because it was very foggy at the start and that of course very already looks away then flying through the fog. Since I've annoyed me a little, that I took no proper camera. On the

first day we went then at night directly or a beer (where already it was clear that that is more than one ;-)). First we tried it on the Reeperbahn, because the whole Tourifallen have promised us but not so, are we then went to the hotel bar 20up, there you have a spectacular view of the Harbour and Hamburg, because the bar, as the name suggests in the 20th century. Floor of the hotel is loc

ated. Are we then switched around the corner in a typical Hamburg Tavern with young audience, then have a little gekickert what was indeed free of charge

. The next day, we went to the training in the evenin[m]g in the eatery. There are among others the Husum pasture beef, which must ripen humidity behind glass in a refrigerator at 2 ° C and 95%, before it ends up on your plate. Tasted it has most definitely very intensively, even though it was very tender.
The "ready room" looks like this:

I found a nice idea to serve the soup in a glass of soup, what else is used for preserving, really:

The architecture was very stylish in the hotel where the restaurant is located. Colour everything has changed there and the forms were already exceptional. Keep nice architecture.

After dinner I got with me yet ' a schoolmate hit and we are a little in an Irish pub "haywire" 😉 tod

ay after the training I have time the Mercado here used me time to look at in Altona. I found the concept of good. There are many well-known shops such as H & M, Medimax Görtz in a building. Now sounds like a typical Mall, but the highlight is, on the ground floor, a market on the fresh produce is such as daily Vegetables or fish are offered. I hope you can see that half-way on the images:

So, that's it for now for today. Tomorrow is fortunately back home. My two very miss you. Yesterday, we had the lucky, we just spoke over Skype. As Timo has recognized me I believe (although he certainly wondered, like the dad in the little box comes ;-)). But live and in color, is then already beautiful.

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