Today, I was once again in the evening alone with Timo after a long time. Until now, I have to say, it runs just fine. Child breast fed and put to bed, and it's still aslee

p. Well we were even today all three baby swimming. Thanks to flexible working hours and enough overtime to the account, I'm for at least the next 3 times able to

do it. After the swim I was with Timo also again a round walk, this is noticed, what that is sometimes for a gauntlet. Things that really crash make and even was glad that the child is asleep just everywhere. Tod

ay, it was moving the children which we a little "crossed" for example the Saint Martins. When we were in sight, everything was quiet, I could hardly believe my luck that the marching band made a break, since directly laid

off. Fortunately it didn't bother Timo, who slept just keep. Nicht MAL at the drum he has shrugged, in contrast to his dad ;-))

on other days there are leaf VAC, church bells, railways or loud narrative Jogger/Walker who let a twitching together because it feared that the child is awake. M

aybe we're a little over carefully, but in our opinion, we is it sleep for children hold most important and that's why eighth, sleeping Timo as 3-4 times a day. Stop several

times, we have had the pleasure, as it is when the child before fatigue screams and it no longer recognizes his parents because it's already half asleep. Funnily enough, it is namely not like that during the day as long up to think children, so they sleep longer at night. 🙂

So that the woman is @Home again and we are no longer alone. Timo's sleeping clock still, but probably only still up 0, then must he again "docked" be, then tini can cuddle with him again. 😉

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