As in the article by saving baby already here are some own experience on the topic described, Kinderfoto

shooting.Um to get finally a picture:

As a first time, you need a rental Studio, or at least, the lighting and the background of the Studio and lots and lots of patience. He
lps to make 😉 many images anyway, then later no problems to put together a real image. Because if all the tips don't work, you have to help to stop Photoshop a little me.

Because the image is created from these images:

1. The source image:

2. "Papa's Bobble"

3. Timo's smile:

So you won't hochscrollen the end result need to here again:

And here are a few recordings that are gone "awry":

So properly gone wrong are the images also do not, from our point of view, each image has its own charm and captures the extraordinary moment. When the children photography, it is really so that all images look very natural because they still can not "poses" a
t least in this age. This unique moments and situations, "frozen images" emerge. And the reason there may be only a real Tip: just very, very many pictures. For "nice" photos can you if necessary with Photoshop a little "help". 😉

Und because it fit just to the date:

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