Too bad anyway, but eventually stay 4 weeks parental leave, plus one week vacation are over. Can you unfortunately do nothing except other fathers to recommend also to give yourself this time.

In this part of the parental leave, Timo has learned so many things that it is difficult to enumerate all. Among other things he can crawl now "solid food" in the form of bread, etc. eat, sleep halfway through and pulls up everything, what is within his reach. And I could even watch a few tentative first steps to learning trolley. I think a little I would have annoyed me already, if I would have missed all these things. And the thought, or much more awareness, that I now only partially or as a narrative will experience the next steps (two months in the life of a baby are just entirely too little) is so painful. Just in the first year seems so Maddens the development to proceed, that one has the feeling every day, the young again what learned. A
h yes, the most important thing I Yes almost forgot: we have seen even small "horns" and foot stomping out of "Rage" or annoyance

by Timo 😉 also did well this time as parents, so we enjoyed it once, to make our child with grandparents and also just to have time for us (thanks again to all involved) f

or two. This year we were the first visit also very nice as Tine and Bassi not only because of the baby came to us, but primarily to visit us as friends. The game night once more than succeeded in any case and has but reminiscent of "old times". So

for all Visual types here are a few pictures and a Krabbelvideo, because yes some people have claimed that Timo is not crawling, but immediately running:

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