Long time it has me annoyed animal, that my mail account at Web.de has only 12 MB of memory and I should pay for an extension. Mostly, I have then simply downloaded images and then deleted the mails. The problem what but implies: lubricates the calculator off times completely, then also the images or documents etc. away.

Because I have a googlemail account anyway because of bloggers, I looked at closer look it me. And found a really comfortable solution for me:
Gmail offers namely an import feature for many Web Mailer, including for Web.de. So I have a short hand, my Web.de there enter address, then the password for the account and then it went off. All mails from the Web.de were integrated into Gmail, and equipped with a corresponding label.
OK, now say many, then you have the mail while in Gmail, but then what? Well, then to set up an E-mail forwarder at Web.de for all emails to the Gmail account and gets from all emails, that went in his Gmail mailbox, which is indeed more than 7 GB memory available 😉 at Web.de
But the real kicker comes now: in Gmail, you can set that you respond to mails from the Web.de also about the Web.de account. This means it takes share with the new E-mail address not all contacts, but simply makes the existing as it is, and no one will know the difference.
As a nice extra feature I get all mails synchronized on my Android phone. So you have his mail account in your pants pocket 😉

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