PE what? To ask yourself some. Na Pekip (Prague parent child programme), similar to ' a baby group only with psychological background. Timo and my wife go there already for some months. Yesterday was a 'fathers' then-Pekip said. So, all children and fathers in a room and sweat (usually the children crawling around there naked, it is correspondingly warm) and in a separate room, mothers were then put into their champagne break

fast. Well, so far have I been blasphemed always, that it was actually just a tea party and the women sit there just to chat. Now, after I've experienced that myself I must say: Yep, it's just OK ;-),

it must be said that the head of the course has given very many useful tips, but that being said, I think that it's been really only the hour of rubbish in the first few months of the course. :-

) Anyway, it was pretty exciting to see plays together as our rascals with others, or even how he behaves in other environmen

t. The fathers were all not overwhelmed, as many a mother has thought it, and maybe you can see even on the Papa get-together.

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