… No, no not a project child number 2. ;-

), I was thinking about long time what I can do as Daddy still on the legs. There are already pretty useful and useless stuff on the net. What but I noticed Papa online's blog, was the following sentence: "ey does anyone know page for fathers which is good ne? …

… There's no, that's why so many fathers here are. Sorry, I meant there are pages for fathers, but the can forget!
"As written in the net MOM's Forum"
I found significant. All over the world turns to the woman during pregnancy and birth. OK, the women have Yes the most to do, and in the period of the maternity leave to deal with enough time with all possible topics. 
But… I find, so completely without a trace the birth goes and everything which does not go past then also at the men. There but obviously commonly the opinion, that there is no appropriate platforms, I called the dad meeting in life now. It is a forum for dads and expectant dads. 
The idea is pretty simple: Net mom's, Eltern.de, and as the pages all called, (namely virtual Kaffeeklatsch spaces) is available for women, should there be now as well for the Lords of creation. Destination is located either to the get-together to meet, or get online locally to arrange for a meeting in the region.
The site is online since yesterday, but has until now only 1 member (the two other accounts belong to me, I want to 😉 with chat finally also). The design is far more than simple, but man typically involves Yes primarily the function 🙂
So, who is the Dad of my readers here, and perhaps has desire to chat and to exchange ideas (I know men are actually not so much talking), who can log on to like http://www.papastammtisch.com (I made anonymously with nickname ;-). This of course also applies to prospective Papas (with best regards to the South). 😉
Because just occurred to me, that's more were long no pictures by Timo, here is another one:

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