Well, after really pleasant and relaxing weekend with aunt and uncle of Timo, it went off Monday with a stomach-bowel history Timo, both with me directly

. Stupidly it caught one as adults always much worse than the little rascals. At least Timo was allowed with the Mama with beautiful weather after outside. However, I'd rather be on the couch or remained near a toilet 😉 OK, for

this I'm wearing, but it has not noted re

ally also no diapers * g * all in all Timo the disease, except of course at dinner. There he has moderated completely atypical, even his favorite drink. Wel

l, we're both but fit again and tomorrow I can then finally again 😉 to work if

the weather holds, then we will in the Zoo on Saturday after Krefeld and then with Timo's parents Grill's buddies from the crawling Group (Yes that may also bring the children). I hope my stomach turns up again until then to a normal diet. In

the meantime I have can be but again it development while at a high point in Timo. After consulting with his mother, I can be the date of his first steps on the 2. Quantify March. Clearly I was doing, but I'm not writing on something bu

t me. Meanwhile, he has refined his technique a bit, what obviously happens from day to day, because when I the cut together videos here just made, I noticed, that he runs today still slightly better. The video mat

erial is only "semi-aktuell", ;-). talk of the day before yesterday

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