Well, just barely over spoken at this time exactly a year ago we were still together in the delivery room. And 1 1/2 hours later you were I ther

e 😉 all the best wish for your first birthday and that it so easily goes on with friends like until now 😉 w

e have definitely every effort given to us, that your first birthday is something special:

Only a leisurely breakfast with birthday train and followed by a reading from the new buggy book. Then a critical look at the new crawling tunnel:

Then you made friends with a heart and you made along the way:
Then arrived at the end, once again a critical view:

But then it was but most importantly, to unpack the gifts:

In any case, we had fun, and watch friends. I assume but time, that you no longer will remember this birthday, so I'll try to get this blog as long as possible upright. As a backup we'll create probably ALT modes shear way a photo album 😉

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