… I thought about a long time, whether I write it here. Well eventually I came to the conclusion, that probably would be a very good id

ea. About the tragedy in Japan is Yes currently. This is me again and again through the head. Several times a day I visited the live ticker news pages to see the current situation (of understand you is Yes currently miles away). I don't know why, but the thing takes me pretty. I guess a lot of concern about the future of my child plays there also.

Search for information, to evaluate the situation, I have inevitably landed at Chernobyl and the corresponding Wikipedia entry. And that has unsettled me directly anymore. There, etc. the only appropriate increased value of radiation precisely at that time was measured in

Magdeburg. Makes you wonder automatically, if their own parents did then also worried, or if there simply was the sheer ignorance of the radiation. Much was in the former DDR Yes completely concealed, so you had no chance to come, as is the case today in the information. If

you can somehow help, then possibly here: Pro-Japan reports are now 80,000 people fleeing the radioactive radiation according to. Also, we even have considered simply is not enough space if we have to register, but only a sofa for a child and an adult (although Asians are generally smaller than Europeans). Who but maybe more space and want to help, which should register in any case there. We are likely to go the classic route of a monetary donatio

n. Our politicians are what most excites me the whole thing, here in the country. First is that the nuclear power plants in Germany are safe, and which can be operated longer quietly boasted cocky and then after the disaster in Japan, the power plants for 3 months will be switched off. Yes, for 3 months, the moratorium says only that the extension is exposed to during this period. It is interesting that some important elections take place in the next 3 mont

hs. Such a "limbo" and this hypocrisy should be punished immediately! Saxony-Anhalt has this weekend in the hand, there are the first Wa

hlen.Das of these, one current Government can trust, shows the example UN resolution for a no-fly zone in Libya. There is said to the rationale for the vote of in Germany still clearly being against the resolution, the vote itself but then performed with a contained voice. Because you would have to say "no", if it actually.

But much more important is, that the resolution would have brought perhaps much earlier on the way can be, if Germany had not delayed the process.

I just don't understand that man is chasing some phantoms in Afghanistan and allegedly "Germany protected" (from whom actually?), but in Libya, where really, people are bombarded by the national Government, the proverbial tail is pulled. If

you to look at it, you could come in the temptation and quote Oliver Kahn to tell the Government what one thinks of her: a

nd "People's representatives" call these men and women, actually. In my opinion, you are as far as away, that they have no overview at all, what the public most expects from them by the people. The la

st week was in terms of feeling so rather sad to angry with trend. Luckily, I had someone at home who makes me the head freely on his own charming manner:


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