Yes, it sounds weird, but so is. To quote the broadcast time 😉 last Friday

with the mouse 2 huge packages arrived, we have unpacked together directly times with Timo. He has fun doing visually:

Well, what exactly is behind it for now? We have reported to us, to test the travel system "B-smart" by Romans. If you click here on the link in the previous sentence, you can see what it is (because I have a talent, to forget important things and no desire to correct the article 😉 here several times). We get set tasks in the next 6 months, we then try to solve with the B-smart. There will then be the results. I tr

y to sketch what was in the boxes in it nevertheless times gross: as

first a child shell, which we currently unfortunately not to test, because our child is incompatible to do so now. It has but us not deterred, anyway to try it:

Timo got out but due to the narrow but fast again. Well, then we test the stop child no. 2, should be one on the way make 😉 I

n the second box was then the actual children station wagon, including a flexible baby bag that (you can guess) was too small:

Also here is Timo relatively soon "fled" 😉 lu

ckily was in the box then the base frame and the stroller, or Stroller attachment. We are can test the anyway, because Timo can sit there quite casual in there:

We have can make out even a few things, that are better than at our current stroller.

1. The baby bucket (can be without an adapter just on the base frame mounted)
2. Access to the "on-board" purchasing power is clearly comfortable. 3 thanks to the size of the strolle
r. The bar, which is grown as a backup in the hip region during sports car use, can move in all directions, so the loading/unloading of the child is much easier.

Yeah so it looks. We will report further here as I said and hope to be able to welcome some additional readers. Like, you can discuss with us about the comment function. I will create a label times anyway so that you can better understand the development.

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