So, the first weeks with our B-smart are gone now and we have been properly tested him. To mak

e it short:-it can
be quickly and easily and apart bauen – and because
he is quite easy the fold in the items must be auseiandergenommen, a stow in the trunk very easy and not as a Gehiefe with us-Timo groan factor is quite high and e
njoys the newfound view, so that it not more so quickly einschläft-the shopping basket is quickly accessible us
in the short-haul and the adjustment of the back
rest is pretty big silent in the lying position possible hood extensi
on is superAber unfortunately w

e have noticed some things, Britax still could work to the Romans:-the suspension i
s still verbesserungsfähig-my large diaper b
ag can be secured to the handle, because the backrest is too close to the bar as a fairly
large parents occasionally thanks to our strides with our feet on the EinkaufskorbTrotzdem Gets

a toast a big plus the B-smart , because that (for us) most important, Timo sleeps super it 😉

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