The Easter holiday began Yes last Friday with the ride to Lake Constance. In glorious weather, Timo had fun in the water of the fountain in Immenstaad around to planschen powerful. That he doing all other bystanders (uncle, aunt and parents) almost more has made wet, as himself, has not bothered him 😉

In the Monkey Park in Salem he admired then the monkeys and storks. We of course also the first holiday / everyday test had so to speak ;-)Timo the new stroller f
rom Britax/Römer liking has found now to push the car myself. Well and if he then his 20 paces left, what when converting its leg length approx. corresponds to 2 km, then Daddy pushes further of course. 😉

If you hadn't seen the sunlight on the phone again, the eyes to having my dear wife, one could have made right again the family image. Well, because a picture there now not back 😉 I have

As a clear recommendation, we can recommend the apartment here, by the way. Very friendly, good location, friendly and even free Wi-Fi! I was seriously impressed. Unfortunately, we had to drive a day earlier because Timo during during the day not so good took the rhythm change driving in the direction of Lake Constance. Next time we go but again at night as during the trip. Then the child at usual times sleeps 😉 t

hat's it for it first. We spend the rest of the holiday at home, so that Timo has fun with Grandma's and Grandpa's (which previously was the case anyway). The weather still plays along and we enjoy every day with our "rogue" 😉

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